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Memory Wire Bracelets by Tina Cyr
Inspired Arts - 2016 - Skagway , Alaska
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Fossil Mammoth Tusk Ivory, Turquoise, Mother of Pearl, Magnesite, paua shell, porcelain, jasper, fancy cut glass, little seed beads, pewter, copper, black rubber & silver plated tubes on carbon steel memory wire.
Memory wire bracelets are great because one size fits all and there is no clasp to fiddle with. You just thread them around your wrist and the industrial carbon steel forever retains its shape. I like the way the silver & black tubes break up the solid circle of beads- hundreds of them within the five wraps. The faceted gems and variety of colors and shapes really add to the design. FUN to WEAR!
Turquoise & Copper
Denim Blues
Black & White
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